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Live Singing Telegrams are back all over Scotland

Winner of Scottish Enterprise Award

Best Singing Telegram Performers in Scotland 2021

The Wandering Minstrel is Britain's most experienced Singing Telegram performer having performed over 2000 personalised songs in singagram situations and has won 6 Best musical surprise act, or best singing telegram awards. he is the only UK telegram performer who will write a hilarious song from all the funny stories that you send him, and will also produce a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet both, with photos you supply printed on them. This means that with these special gifts, not only will the song being sung be all about them, but it will be remembered forever, not forgotten about when the performer leaves the building. The fully personalised service includes the writing of the song the production of the CD and laminated lyric sheet, and travel within the Greater Glasgow area. Some areas of Scotland, including Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen, and the Northern cities of England are covered but may require extra travel expenses. Now we are able to travel again, feel free to ask for a quote for anywhere in Scotland and Northern England.





The Beatles

SGT Pepper



Digby The Dog




Country Singer Gram

Van Morrison Gram

Van Morrison Singagrams are perfect for Valentine's day, apologies, declarations of love and marriage proposal. Songs like Have I told you lately that I love you, Brown eyed girl, Bright side of the road and Days like this, make this the perfect romantic telegram.

Mersey Beat Gram

The mop top singers from the cavern club, with the funny accents are combined in the form of Billy Mersey. The catchy, quickly love songs work well for valentine's day. And I've heard that some of you in Glasgow like the song You'll never walk alone as much as the scousers do.

Soul Grams

Soul Grams, in the style of The Commitments, Paul Young, Paul Carrack, Joe Cocker and More.

This can include party songs, romantic songs and soul and motown songs too

Billy Mersey Gram

Photos, videos and song lists coming soon

Character Singing Telegrams

With the many years of experience that Mike Collins has he has learned some very important things about the best way to perform the perfect singing telegram.

Firstly, that the character that is performing the surprise is very important. It does not make sense that a singing telegram would be performed by " A singer. So what. When it is performed by a character, the recipient is more engaged with the event. Watch the looks on the person's face when the singagram is just a singer. The entrance is dynamic, but then the person looks embarressed. They can't wait for it to end. That happens a lot less when it is performed by a character. Whether that's The wandering Minstrel who is the UK's most successful Singing Telegram character, No character has performed more surprises than this medieval minstrel. We call singagrams that are delivered by just a singer, Nondies, a non descriptive character. These singagram companies come and go but we are still here. The other successful characters are the tribute acts, Stevie Wonder Gram, Tina Turner gram and Sgt Pepper Beatle Gram.

That brings me to my next point. The content is as important as the character. The fully personalised Tribute song works best. You can't beat a singing telegram where the song being sung is all about the person and includes all the funny stories from their life. But what is unique about the characters that I mentioned is that they all have songs that are perfect for this kind of special event. For example, Happy Birthday to ya by Stevie Wonder or Digby The Dog, Birthday by The beatles or You're Simply The best. Even with one of our choose a song from a list singagrams, you can find songs that mean mean something to the person and that makes a really big difference.The other thing to remember is that is tht Gorilla Grams never really worked because the Gorilla had no personality, Digby The Dog has bags of it.

High Impact Singing Telegrams

While we are now legally able to perform inside again, under certain conditions with social distancing, we need the permission of everyone involved. This means that the owner of the premises has to agree and not all commercial venues are agreeing. For this reason we still recommend doorstep and garden singagrams , 2 metres from the front door, or in a garden. We can now  use a portable battery operated PA system, and a headset microphone. or backing tracks with some characters. This gives a high impact experience which means that your neighbours, passers by and workmen can often get involved and join in dancing, clapping and singing along. It can often feel more like a flash mob than a singing telegram.

The Wandering Minstrel Character

The character of The wandering Minstrel is pulled from the pages of medieval history. Kings and noble men would comission minstrels to write special songs all about how they won a certain battle, even when they lost. When a minstrel arrived in a new town, the people would gather in excitement, because these songs were how they got their news. Of course, Scotland had it's minstrels too. The most famous of these is said to be Harry The Minstrel, or Blind Harry, he is believed to have been born into a noble family, in Lothian. Much of what is known about the Scottish hero, William Wallace comes from what Blind Harry wrote about him. So a minstrel played an important part in Scottish History.

In the modern version people tell the minstrel all about their loved one, including lots of funny family stories and it all goes into the song. The fact that the song is all about the person he is surprising makes for a unique experience that cannot be equalled. After giving them the surprise of their life and singing their own special song he presents them with a full band production audio CD of the song, which ensures that the event will never be forgotten.

What does a Singing Telegram cost?

  • A fully personalised singing telegram costs just £120, and you can even have a singalong song or 2 after the personalised song as well
  • A 5 song singagram costs just £140. 
  • On our busiest days like Valentines day, mothers day and Fathers Day, when we are going from one booking to another, we pass the saving back to you. You can save £20 on these days for set piece singagrams but we recommend that you book early to save the date so you are not disappointed.
  • We now have a pay in 3 installments option so you don't have to pay in one go, which can make it more affordable to book the surprise of their lives
  • We use about a dozen rotating templates for our personalised songs but if you have a larger budget you can order our deluxe Tribute song singing telegrams which include a custom written song, and a specially recorded backing track that will not be used for any other purpose. Not only do you get the unique song on CD, presented after the live performance.but we will record the event on video and produce it on DVD, along with a music video / slideshow of the song. The Deluxe version costs £250

Ruby Jubilee

Celebrating 40 years of the Singing Telegram in the UK

We are very proud that The Wandering Minstrel performed the first ever singing telegram in the UK, way back in Liverpool, on the 14th February 1982 and is still going from strength to strength. As we enter 2022, SME News  have announced that they have presented us with a Scottish Enterprise award for Best Singing Telegram performers in Scotland 2021, this is a wonderful way to enter our Jubilee anniversary year. Be sure to watch our videos and listen to the audio samples of our fully personalised tribute songs to see how they sound on CD. You'll find them lower down the page

New video services available worldwide

Singing Telegrams Scotland - Glasgow Singing Telegram for hire at Entertainers Worldwide

Worldwide Singagrams

Our video  and broadcast Singing Telegrams now mean that you can send a personalised video message to anyone, anywhere in the world.So you can order a fully personalised song all about them featuring all all the funny stories from their life. Your chosen character can now broadcast their special song on Facebook and youtube and bring them and up to 8 other guests. So that they can all share the experience and see their reactions as each funny thing comes out. We can use our greenscreen facility to add a background behind the performer. It could be something related to the performer but why not consider a dynamic slideshow of photos related to the recipient. To write the song, produce it on CD and laminated lyric sheet  and broadcast it live on the internet costs just £60 plus relavent postage for the gifts.

Our new professional video studio has a wired internet connection, (not wifi) a greenscreen for custom backgrounds,  and a professional lighting set up.

If you cannot be present, or a friend or family member can't be there, or you just want a memory of the surprise, to keep for ever, then why not let us record a video of the whole performance.

We can do this for free, in return for permission to upload it to our website and social media platforms

If you'd prefer for the video to be kept private, we can send it to you on DVD, we can do that for just £25

Contact us to discuss your requirements

0141 3663664, 07401374628

or fill in the form below, then send a text to 07401374628 saying "form sent"

and we will be able to deal with your request faster.

You can even use whatsapp to call or text us for free from anywhere in the world using +447401374628

Singing Telegrams Scotland - hen party
Singing Telegrams Scotland - weddings

Singing Telegrams Glasgow

Simply tell us all about your loved one. Don't forget to include the funny things they say and do, funny things that have happened and all the funny stories that will make them laugh out loud. We will write a special funny song all about them, and produce it onto full band production audio CD, printed with photos you supply. We will also create a photo laminated lyric sheet too.

These gifts mean that the surprise will be remembered forever, not forgotten about as soon as the performer leaves the building. This can be the case with some other singagram performers. The Wandering Minstrel will surprise the person, sing their special song live, and then present them with the special CD and lyric sheet of their special song.

The Wandering Minstrel is The UK's most experienced singing telegram performer having performed over 2000 personalised songs.

Now, this singing telegram king of England is now based in Scotland, to help us set up Singing Telegrams Scotland. You can now book fully personalised singing telegrams in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen, as well as everywhere else in Scotland in between.

Fully personalised singing telegrams include the specially written song all about your loved one, and produced on a full band production audio CD and a photo laminated lyric sheet. Our new characters can also do last minute set singagrams or choosing songs from a list which do not include a fully personalised song or  CD. For example, Our SGT Pepper Beatle Gram can perform the forgotten Beatles song They say it's your birthday. In fact, Digby The Dog also does this song as it is the perfect birthday singing telegram song

Surprise your loved one with a special, hilarious song specially written all about them, sung live by The Wandering Minstrel and presented on full band production audio CD, and photo laminated lyric sheet.

Singing Telegrams Scotland are available throughout Scotland, in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen and everywhere in between, as well as Carlisle, Newscastle, Middlesborough and Sunderland in England.

They are perfect for landmark birthdays, weddings, hen parties, anniversaries, retirements, apologies, declarations of love, thank yous and any occasion you can think of.

Singing Telegrams Scotland

Singagrams scotland CD

New Singagram Services for Scotland

Following the success of our Tribute Grams for Singagrams London, where professional tribute artists surprise people with songs chosen from their list, We are bringing this service to Scotland. We have taken on 3 new singagram performers,

Just like in London some of these performers may be very difficult to get on a Saturday night but they can come to work places, homes, pubs and restaurants during the week. They can be booked at short notice, subject to availability. It could not be simpler, choose the performer you want, choose the songs you want and send one of these singagram experiences to someone special. It's easy. you can choose 2 songs or 5 and we do the rest.

It may also be possible to add a fully personalised song to the performance, with a week's notice.

These are the new singagrams Scotland services

SGT Pepper Beatle Gram

They say it's your birthday, so what could be better for someone who loves The Beatles to get a singing telegram from The one and only Billy Shears, who comes in and sings Birthday by The Beatles. Perhaps your loved one is turning 64 and when I'm 64 would be the perfect song. Beatles songs are some of the best singalong songs for singagrams and singing telegrams.

These fun singagrams can be ordered with a hilarious fully personalised song all about the person from all the funny stories that you tell us about them. After surprising them and singing their special song live, he will present them with a full band production audio CD of the special song and a laminated photo lyric sheet, so that the surprise will be remembered forever. You can also choose some Beatles songs for a classic singalong after the personalised song. from £120

You can also order this service at a moments notice with 2 or 5 Beatles songs.

Other popular songs for this service are Sgt Pepper's lonely hearts club band, with a little help from my friends and Here comes the sun.

If your favourite Beatles song is not on the list, and we have a week's  notice he will learn it

SGT Pepper Beatle Gram - Singing Telegrams Scotland

Digby The Dog

Digby The Dog can surprise Children of all ages, from 4 to 104.

In his short time with us he has already surprised the bride to be on a hen night, A bride on her wedding day, a 30th Birthday and an 8 year old boy on his birthday. He is though very happy to surprise people of all ages. This is a fun telegram that is sure to entertain. Digby will sing a specially adapted version of Wild Thing by The Troggs. He is currently addding lots of the happiest pop songs to his reportoire which is designed to cheer anybody up of all ages. For example, daydream believer by The Monkees

Country Singer Gram

Country Singer Gram

Whether your loved one loves Johnny Cash, Don Williams, John denver, old country or new country, Country Singer Gram will make their day. You can book him with a fully personalised funny song all about them with all the funny stories from their life. You can ask him to learn their favourite country song, these services both require a week's notice. However, you can book him at a moments notice and choose songs from his list. This character also does folk classics by Don Mclean, Simon and Garfunkel. Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens. Can be booked as an acoustic performance, or for doorstep and garden singagrams with a portable, battery operated PA system and microphone.

Audio Examples of Tribute Songs By The Wandering Minstrel

Some other songs appear here too

Scroll down to find Greetings songs with titles including words like Happy birthday and congratulations

singing telegrams scotland

Please  bear with us while we get photos, videos and song lists for Country Singer Grams and Van morrison Grams but if your loved one likes these types of music do let us know and we could be learning your loved ones favourite country songs or Van Morrisons


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