Photo Calendars Glasgow

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Photo calendars Glasgow

For a limited period, we will be adding a free A3 Year planner to every singing telegram order in Scotland, but this is a limited offer .

We can now announce that we are offering A3 Photo Calendars specially made from your special photos.

These gifts are:

  • Four page, 6 page or 12 page
  • 3 month to a page, 2 months to a page or 1 month to a page.
  • Stunning Photo Quality
  • Large A3 size
  • Laminated for protection
  • Fully customisable text
  • Design included
  • Gold coloured Bulldog hangers
  • Free Delivery in Glasgow

Prices: 4 page = £14 -  3 months to a page

            6 page = £19    2 months to a page

          12 page = £24    1 month to a page

A3 Photo enlargements £6. (Not laminated, Real Photos prints)

Photo Calendars Glasgow

Beautiful Photo Gifts For All Occasions

These calendars make wonderful gifts, but remember that you can set the start month for your calendar, so that whenever you buy it during the year you will get a full years value from your calendar. From new year, the traditional calendar goes from January to December, but let's say you are buying one as a Valentine's Day present, you can start your calendar in February and have it finish in January. In the UK, in 2020, Mothers Day will be 22nd March. For this you have a choice, you could start your Mother's day Calendar in march or even April if you wish. Of course, if you want us to send a mother's day calendar to the USA, you may want to do that in May, and have your calendar go fro May to April. Father's Day is 21st June 2020, so you'll want June to May. In fact, whichever month you buy your calendar you can adjust the starting month accordingly. You can customise the text on the calendar. This could mean putting the name of the person who will receive it as a gift, on the calendar. Perhaps you want a special message or maybe something inspirational, to inspire the person, any time they lookk at the calendar throughout the year.

You can give these photo gifts for any occasion, including Weddings, Hen parties, and Anniversaries

Or you may have some photos that would be perfect for a calendar. These days everyone has special photos on their phone, and for some of us that is where they stay but you can send us the digital image and we can create something special from it. We can scan a physical photo, you can send us a memory card, a CD or send the file by email.

Contact us via the form below and feel free to ask any question you like.

The response to our Photo calendars has been amazing. The Wandering Minstrel decided to give on one our Year Planners away to everyone receiving a fully personalised singing telegram from him.  The minstrel's show is already full of surprises, for some singagram performers the entrance is the only surprise, there are no more surprises once they have started singing. Just look at the faces of people being surprised with a fully personalised song as each funny part of their lives  comes out in the song. When their special song is finished he presents them with another surprise, a laminated photo lyric sheet containing the lyrics to the song that is all about them, and photos of the person and their family and friends. 

Then, the minstrel presents them with the full band production audio CD of their special song, again printed with photos as well. I imagine them opening the CD and seeing more photos, and when they pop the CD into the CD player they get to hear the full band production version of the song. They've only heard the acoustic live performance of the song, so it's like yet another surprise. The difference with the year planners and calendars is that no one, not even the client who booked the special surprise has any idea what is in the very large card backed envelope. I love it when every eye is on the envelope, and I'm waiting for the reactions on people's faces when the calendar is revealed. I imagine that I now understand what a magician feels like. Whenever I have done this it has been great to hear the oohs and ahhs as they realise that these are stunning photo quality, large A3 size, laminated for protection. This has given me some idea of how people will react to the Calendars on their own. That is why we are so excited to be selling these year planners and calendars individually. So, have a look on your phone, on your CDs, photo albums and find your special photos. It could be a wedding photo, photos at the birth of a baby, a celebration, like a birthday or an anniversary, a hen party. It's great to have these photos, hidden away until you choose to bring them out to look at them. However, with these Calendars and year planners, they are in prime position,you get to see them every day.  These special memories will brighten your day every time you pick up the calendar to check the day of the week that a particular event will fall. That's what these memories were created for so all the more reason to create these special items.

How to order your personalised Photo Calendar

1) First decide which type of calendar you wish to order, 

  • 12 page calendar (1 month per page) £26
  • 6 page calendar   (2 months per page) £16
  • 4 page calendar   (3 months to a page) £12
  • 2 page Calendar  (6 months to a page) £8
  • 1 page planner    (12 months to a page £7

2) Decide which photos to include on your calendar

3)  Decide if you want any text on your calendar

  • Names
  • personal messages
  • inspirational quotes

4) Ask us about payment methods,

  • Etsy store
  • Online bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Cheque
  • by debit or credit card in our online store

5) Think about delivery methods

  • Free delivery in Glasgow
  • Posted anywhere in the world

Remember, that it may cost the same to send 2 or even more calendars as it does to send one, so you could save money that way. So ask us about different combinations to get a better deal.

6) Fill in the contact form below, be sure to ask any questions that you may have. This helps us customise your order

7) Send photos, text instructions, starting month and layout instructions to photos@singingtelegramsscotland.co.uk

Contact us about your photo Calendars

Call 0141 - 389 - 6733 or fill in the secure form below.



Types of photos that may make good calendars

  • Wedding - As well as the traditional photos of the bride and groom and the family, lots of photos are taken on the day. These can often make really good calendars as they show people having a good time. Throughout the year when the calendar is used the memories of the special day come back into mind. Why not create a year planner with that special wedding photo of the entire family, both sides all together as you may not get an opportunity to get everyone together
  • Birth - Those first photos after the little ones were born are very special memories and these calendars help to keep them fresh.
  • Hen parties - The hen party is a special time when a group of friends mark the fact that the bride to be is moving on to another chapter of her life. Capturing those moments where you are enjoying yourselves is very important and often forgotten.
  • Anniversaries - Those special memories at anniversary time help to strengthen a couple and keep them together during tougher times.
  • Birthdays - The big smile on the face of someone celebrating the day they were born, will help to keep a smile on your face all year round.
  • Celebration - Party photos make great memories
  • Family - If you have taken a family photo on your mobile phone, the quality these days is usually very high. Don't let the photos hide away on your device.
  • Pet - Our pets are part of our family too.
  • Valentine's Day Romantic memories can hold a very special part of our lives.
  • Mothers Day - Mum, the very special lady who means so much to us, and yet these are the kind of phots that hide away on our devices and so rarely see the light of day
  • Fathers Day - That photo of you and Dad will be treasured forever.
  • Business - Why not put a business photo onto a year planner and give it to your best customers. It could keep your business in their minds at just the right time.
  • Friends - What a present this would make, a calendar with a photo of a group of friends
  • University Graduation - After such a momentous achievement creating something special like a calendar will cheer you up all year round.
  • Driving test passes - Make use of that photo ditching the L plates and give it pride of place on a calendar
  • Special Memories - These memories are so special but they can easily fade,on a Calendar they stay in concious memory longer
  • Sports achievements - Action photos work really well on Calendars and year planners.

Which special photo memories of yours would give you the most pleasure if they were printed on unique photo gifts like these.

Photo Calendars Glasgow provide a way to help those memories last longer, to bring to life photos that may be hidden on a phone or other device. It could be that the photos are kept digitally on a CD, or DVD, a memory card or even on Fcaebook or other social media page. With a calendar or year planner, you could intereract on a dailly basis with the photographs and the memories that are linked to them. Is that much better than keeping them hidden away. Even in an album they are only taken out rarely to look at them.It also does not matter when you order your Calendar or year planner as you can start the calendar at any month you want. For example, Mothers Day in the UK is Sunday 22nd March in 2020. Now, you may not think of a calendar as a good value gift because you may think that you are only getting the value of the calendar for about 9 months, and that would not seem worthwhile. However, starting the calendar with March and continuing through to February now makes this a perfect gift for Mothers day as well.

Not to mention the fact that if you were planning to send a Mothers Day gift to someone in the USA, the date would actually be Sunday 10th May. So we could start the calendar in may and you would still be getting use out of it in April the year after. No matter, which month their birthday is on, starting the calendar, in that month always gives you a full twelve months of functionality from the gift.

We can use photos in any digital format, including transfering by bluetooth from your phone. We can scan real photographs, so any photograph in any format is fine. High resolution is best, but it could be that we limit the printed size of a photograph or ask that you fill the space with a number of different photos to account for it.

A3 Photo Enlargements

As our prints are stunning photo quality with rich colours that can take your breath away, these are real photographs.

If you are going to be framing these photo prints they do not need to be laminated. We all have special photos that deserve to be blown upto such a big size as this. The difference between a 6 x 4 or even an A4 print and these large photo is astounding. Your photo memories deserve to be as huge as these so they can command the room..

So that people who come in to your home will notice them and they will become a talking point.

Don't forget you also get a card backed large envelope and free delivery in the Glasgow area included in the price. Postage any where in the world can also be arranged and multiple items do not incur extra postage.

Unique Photo Gifts

As we have year planners that start at just £7, and 12 page calendars that are £26, we think that you will find gifts for all kinds of people, within the budget the budget that you have set for them. These are bespoke items that say exactly what you want to say. We don't think that there is a more perfect gift than these calendars because they already contain the very special photographs that already mean something to you and to them. In addition, you can add a personal message, a name or something inspirational. How could you possibly find a more perfect gift?

No matter which Calendar or year planner you choose, it will come with a gold bulldog hanger, not only do they look great but it helps you to hang them conveniently and quickly return them to their place, once you have looked at the day of the week for the event you were wondering about.

We are available to discuss your requirements by phone or email and we believe that having a real human person to discuss your calendars with can provide unmatched customer service and enhance your gift buying experience. So call us today on 0141 389 6733 or fill in the contact form above

Earlier this year, we arranged for our Tina Turner Gram performer of Singagrams London to go to Premier Christian radio in London to talk about her work as a singagram performer. She was at the time at Bible College and was working with Singagrams London doing Soul Grams, Nina simone grams and of course singing "you're simply the best" to people for all kinds of special occasions. This was not just another media engagement for this performer, it was a very special event. We had the photos of her special time, taking in the premier Christian Radio plaque and the presenter and producer of the program. Although these photos were a very special memory, they had stayed on the phone and had not seen the light of day. When we first decided we were going to produce Calenders and year planners and we wanted to test the reactions of people who would recieve them, we decided to sent one to Pam. She absolutely loved it.

Here's what she said about it

"It's beautiful, Thank you so much, what a great memory. I was just thinking that I really to get some photos in my new flat, especially musical photos, of things that I have done and things that I have acheived and that's just come at the right time. It's fabulous.

Surely there are photos on the devices of your family that  mean just as much to all of you and when turned into special functional gifts like this.

Even some photos from a wedding may or may not make it to an album, only to be hidden away until you next decide to get them out and look at them. There could be digital photos that never even made the album. Our Calendars could bring them to life. Refreshing forgotten memories something that could have a positive benefit on all of us.

We have a year planner made of our late dog Josie, we miss her very much but seeing a picture of her on a large calendar always cheers us up. Perhaps you managed to snap a selfie with a celebrity and it still sits on your mobile phone when it could be cheering someone up every day of 2020.

But don't think that the only time to get a personalised calendar made is in December and in January. Due to the fact that we can start your calendar with any month, so that you always get a full calendar month of use out of it, we are sure that people will be receiving these gifts for birthdays and anniversaries throughout the year. It also means that these calendars make a very special gift for occasions like Valentine's day, Mothers day and Father's day, in addition to this the photos from these year round events will be being used to create wonderful personalised calendars and year planners.

Photo calendars Glasgow
Photo Calendars Glasgow

Photo Calendars Glasgow

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Photo Calendars Glasgow